Department of Veterans Affairs
This website provides information about how Afghanistan Veterans and their families who are struggling and/or need assistance can get help through Department of Veterans Affairs.
St. Louis Regional Chapter ALS Association
St. Louis area
The ALS Association states on their website that they are the only national not-for-profit organization completely dedicated to fighting ALS. Their work covers all the bases — research, patient and community services, public education, and advocacy — in providing help, support, and hope to those facing the disease. The ALS Association and the St. Louis Regional Chapter operate under a shared mission— to improve the lives of people living with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and to leave no stone unturned in search of treatments and a cure. For more information call them at 314-432-PALS (7257).
Rehabilitation Services for the Blind (RSB) offers services to help blind or visually impaired persons reach personal and employment success. For more information call 1-800-592-6004.
Department of Veterans Affairs
VA established the Airborne Hazards and Open Burn Pit Registry (AHOBPR) in 2014 to help put data to work for Veterans through research about potential health effects of airborne hazard exposures. If you need technical support or assistance logging into the registry, call 1-877-470-5947.
Caption Call
Advanced call captioning at no cost to people with hearing loss who need captions to use the phone.
Caregivers on the Homefront
This non-profit organization is headquartered in Kansas City, MO and was wondering if we could get our resource on your page. We supports Service Members, Veterans and their family members who are taking care of a wounded or ill Veterans.
Hidden Heroes
Hidden Heroes brings vital attention to the untold stories of military caregivers and seeks solutions for the tremendous challenges and long-term needs they face. For more information, please email Shawn Moore at
Compass Health Network
Compass Health provides support for individuals in crisis 24/7/365. The Crisis Access Point (CAP) facility provides individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis a safe place to get their immediate basic needs met (e.g. meal, shower, clean clothes) for up to 23 hours. Referrals can be made by Law Enforcement, EMS, hospitals and by walk-in. Their needs will be assessed and linked to services that are appropriate. The following CAPs are currently operating in Missouri: Wentzville and Jefferson City, with one opening in Rolla on 2/28/2022. For more information, contact Jamie Bartin at
Donated Dental Services (DDS)
Donated Dental Services (DDS) volunteers provide comprehensive dental treatment to eligible patients. They do not provide emergency services. To be eligible, applicants must lack adequate income to pay for dental care and 1) Have a permanent disability, or 2) Are elderly: age 65 or older, or 3_ Qualify as medically fragile. For more information contact Nicole Branch, DDS Coordinator at (573) 636- 4440 or
Includes various information and resources related to drug user safety and healthcare.
Military One Source
This Military One Source website provides information about VA programs which can offer assistance to Veterans in need of home modifications due to health-related reasons. For more information about these programs, call 1-800-827-1000.
Memory Care
This website provides several resources for memory care issues. Contact Britney Jones at for more information.
Veterans Administration Logo
Find out how to apply for and manage the health care benefits you've earned.
Military-2-VA (formerly Transition Care Management) is available to provide transition support, resources, advocacy, and VA navigation to transitioning military, National Guard and Reservists, and Veterans entering the VA. For more information, CONTACT: Elizabeth "Liz" Wilde at (314) 289-7641.
Comprehensive health care program in which the VA shares the cost of covered health care services and supplies with eligible beneficiaries.
Comprehensive list of all VA CBOCs in Missouri.
Information on accessing health services not provided by the VA or not within network.
Access your VA medical record and your personal health record.
Find your local VA location.
My HealtheVet Logo
My HealtheVet offers you tips and tools to help work to manage your health.
View a list of your past VA prescribed medications and refill VA prescriptions online.
The Missouri ombudsman program is a network of volunteers serving residents of nursing homes and residential care facilities to provide advocacy, support, and assistance with any problems or complaints.
Provides information and resources regarding the prevention and treatment of various Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).
Provides information and resources regarding Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (“PrEP”). The goal of PrEP is to prevent an HIV-negative person from acquiring HIV from an HIV-positive partner.
Includes various information and resources for medical professionals and other providers regarding HIV/AIDS.
Includes various information and resources related to Hepatitis C.
Includes general information regarding topics and disease conditions addressed by the Bureau of HIV, STD and Hepatitis.
Outlines Missouri DHSS’ plan for Ending the HIV Epidemic: A Plan for America (EHE). EHE is the operational plan developed by various agencies across the U.S. to end the HIV epidemic in the United States by 2030. The EHE plan leverages critical scientific advances in HIV prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and outbreak response.
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Learn about your TRICARE eligibility and find what plan plan is right for you.
People with TB disease can be treated and cured if they seek prompt medical help. Please contact your doctor, local health department or the Department of Health and Senior Services (866-628-9891) if you have other questions about latent TB infection or TB disease.
Department of Veterans Affairs
Mental Illness Research, Education and Clinical Center (MIRECC) is part of a nationwide program to improve healthcare and mental health care for Veterans with mental illness. This VA program is a national center, which conducts research, provides clinical programming, and develops educational resources in support of Veterans, families and communities. For more information contact Melissa McHarg at (720) 723-6484 or
To get help, call 1-800-273-8255.
Readjustment counseling is offered to make a successful transition from military to civilian life or after a traumatic event experienced in the military. 1-877-927-8387 is a free, around the clock confidential call center where Veterans, service members and their families can talk about their military experience or any other issue they are facing in transitioning after military service or trauma and get connected to their nearest Vet Center.
Fortunately, there are many ways to recover from alcohol or drug use disorders. Take the next step and learn about the many VA treatments available, including in- and outpatient care, medications, support groups, specialized therapy, and more. For immediate help call 1-800-273-8255 .
Compensated Work Therapy (CWT) is a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) clinical vocational rehabilitation program.
VA has developed guidance to process cases involving same-sex spousal benefits, and to implement necessary changes swiftly and smoothly in order to deliver the best services to all our nation's Veterans. All Veterans in same-sex marriages who believe they are entitled to benefits should therefore promptly apply for benefits. Furthermore, Veterans whose claims were previously denied based on prior guidance should re-apply for benefits.
For help with treatment and health care related to experiences of Military Sexual Trauma (MST), please contact your local VA medical center and ask to speak to the MST Coordinator.
Uniting for Suicide Postvention (USPV) offers healing and hope to anyone who has lost someone to suicide, regardless of their relationship to that person. For more information, email:
If you served at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune or Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) New River in North Carolina, you may have had contact with contaminants in the drinking water there. Scientific and medical evidence has shown an association between exposure to these contaminants during military service and development of certain diseases later on. If you have qualifying service at Camp Lejeune and a current diagnosis of one of the conditions listed below, you may be able to get disability benefits.
This organization provides urgent care services to St. Louis area Veterans. For more information call (314) 696-2090.
Department of Veterans Affairs
In January 2023, VA will launch a new life insurance program called Veterans Affairs Life Insurance (VALife), which provides guaranteed acceptance whole life insurance coverage to Veterans age 80 and under, with any level of service-connected disability. Some Veterans age 81 and older may also be eligible.
The Live Like Your Life Depends On It program provides information to thousands of Missourians across the state about the importance of healthy lifestyle choices. Taking control of your health by making smart choices will help you live a longer and more productive life.
Wounded Warrior Project
The focus and mission of this excellent organization is to serve Veterans and service members who incurred a physical or mental injury, illness, or wound while serving in the military on or after September 11, 2001. For more information, contact 877-TEAM-WWP.